The Summer Underground is a rock’n roll band. Pure and simple. But not an ordinary rock ‘n roll band. Here is a band that embodies the true spirit of what it means to be rock ‘n roll. It’s in the sound. The attitude. It’s everywhere. And like all truly great rock bands TSU knows there’s a time to strike a pose. And a time to rock. Hard.

The Summer Underground formed in early 2008, rising from the ashes of gothic rock legends Revellus and its bastard offspring, Kiss the Noise. After settling on a line-up, the writing and recording of a studio album was the first priority. This 2 year process was finally concluded in late 2009 with the completion of the TSU debut CD.

The TSU sound has its roots in the best modern and classic rock.

Right upfront, you’ll find Mr. Adam van der Riet’s giant guitar riffs leading TSU into battle. Adam’s influenced by all the greats, both classic and extreme, but everything he writes and plays ends up sounding like pure …. Adam. A true original. Arguably, the greatest riff master in the history of South African music. It’s not boasting if you can back it up and Adam can most certainly walk the walk. Adam also produced the TSU debut album which was recorded at his own Skebanga studios.

With legs so far apart they could easily straddle continents, Mr. Brett Reynolds is the rock that sonically anchors everything. Brett’s bass lays down a bottom end that needs to be experienced as much as it’s heard. Combining power and natural skill, Brett is everything a great bass player should be.

Mr. Luke Revington likes his hair long and his guitars loud. What more could you ask for in a lead guitar player? You’d never guess that behind his zen-like character hides a true monster of rock. Influenced by the rock masters, but hellbent on forging his own path, Luke is truly one of a kind and the missing link we’ve always been looking for. With more pedals than the Cape Argus, Luke doesn’t shy away from using technology to his best advantage. But no fuzzbox can hide the natural born boogie that Luke has been blessed with.

But a truly great guitar army means nothing without The Big Beat.

Enter Mr. Adrian Langeveld. The Master of the blastbeat. The psychotic metronome. The man with a thousand arms. Adrian mixes and matches sheer power with unbelievable subtlety and dynamics. To top it all, Adrian’s also a classically trained pianist. And owns a pair of the coolest sideburns in rock.

Yes, the live set features a drum solo. Be afraid. Very afraid.

Upfront, centre stage and in your face: Mr. Warren Alexander. Larger than life, louder than Hell, Warren is the perfect frontman, bringing passion and a new energy to the TSU cause. Warren is as likely to break hearts as he is to break the rules. Party animal and poet, Warren embodies the true spirit of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

All these elements make up the TSU sound & vision. But before you start thinking that they are merely another Frankenstein’s Monster with no identity of it’s own, think again. In the hands of anyone else such an ambitious concoction would be a recipe for disaster.

The Summer Underground makes it all look easy. But don’t mistake genuine skill for arrogance. The members of The Summer Underground have all had long and distinguished careers in the South African “underground / alternative” scene. Legendary bands like Pothole, Sacraphyx, Revellus and Damnatia all feature heavily in the TSU family tree. This time in the trenches, perfecting their craft, have served them well in TSU. The end result is a sound that is so familiar, yet so unique that it is a complete mystery why it’s taken so long for a “real” South African rock band to take centre stage.

The future belongs to The Summer Underground. And they won’t be denied.

The Summer Underground is exclusively signed to WayCool Records and is managed by the twinEVILS organisation.